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On this page ; About the film maker

                     Preview of the films as seen live on stage

Lost In Venice Graphic S2.jpg

Ron Vincent was your average home movie guy in the 1960's except he once took his camera up The Sepic River in Papua New Guinea and filmed villages and their unique way of life. These films and others from around Australia were deemed of historical significance some 50 years later and accepted by NFSA and now sit preserved in a vault in the archives in Canberra.

Ron also filmed trips to Acupulco, Italy and England as well as trips around Australia. Many snippets of his films appear throughout Lost in Venice depicting his time with the Ansett ANA Sportsman Club as well as his trip to Europe with Bert Haynes. His film of Hayman Island in 1962 has also been preserved and recognised and appears on the their website as part of their history. Lost in Venice aims to cement his place in history as a 'film maker' - something he never considered himself.

The films have been restored and snippets appear on a projector at the back on the stage in which the actors maintain their roles.

Some films projected onto the back of the stage as actor disperse
The opening of Lost in Venice with the films projected onto the back of the stage
News 2023! Hayman Island recognises one of Rons films and achives it on their website!
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