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The Club Soda Ball


Available for metropolitan and regional councils Australia wide - the classic Town Hall dance night with a live band reinvented and branded as

'Club Soda'.

Infused with cabaret  and circus acts and starring our own Mr Sandman...

Eden Read coptright Bornwyn Kidd.jpg
"Mr Sandman..."
Next Stop - Dubbo Convention Centre NSW, August 2020!
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The Club Soda Ball is a concept for metropolitan and regional councils to re-invent the classic Town Hall Dance. A swing band takes charge of the night with cabaret and circus acts infused throughout the evening as well as Mr Sandman himself.


Use the Club Soda image and branding to market your event along with all the relevance to the 20's which are here again. If you take note of our blog from October 2019 you will see some eerie predictions about the 2020 's and it's relevance to 1920's - its reads ;


'Are we once again partying like there is no tomorrow unaware that the world is descending into something more dark and complex .... Did they know then what was really in store? Do we ..?


We anticipate that Club Soda with all its beauty and untold stories of dark dreams will resonate with audiences Australia wide and as we celebrate what we have now and brace ourselves for the unknown in a  post Covid19 world.

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