A vintage inspired cabaret and circus show with an option for a live Swing Dance Band






The 20's are back next year!

Club Soda Debuted in September 2019 in Melbourne as a massive Swing Dance night with'The Pearly Shells' band and included an array of performers including Mr Sandman himself! 

Club Soda will be touring 2020 to ;


Karratha WA 

Melbourne VIC

Dubbo NSW

Sale VIC

Darwin NT

Perth WA ...... more announcements soon!



Explores a yearning to belong, a fear of abandonment, the archetype of Mr Sandman, a girl called Soda and their friends all of whom are gripped in a myriad of possibilities.

With theatre, dance, circus, comedy, a little bit of magic and all things beautiful and strange. ..

 Directed by Richard Gyoerffy

Club Soda is a concept designed to be modular with a core cast that offers 3 different options ; a classic town hall dance with a live Swing Band with infused cabaret elements tinged with surrealism and a concept of 'Mr Sandman'. 


stand alone theatre and cabaret show will be touring in 2020 - announcements soon.

Thirdly we aim to curate and develop this concept to various councils as part of a n umbrella for arts festival. Ideal for intimate venues and Spiegeltents this concepts can include local performers and those who have never been on stage before as part of our curated directoral project. We also have a charity donation and secret celebrity appearance that you can include as part of the marketing. Installation concepts including tailoring for exhibitions for gallery exhibitions to encourage diversity in how spaces are used as well as cross pollination of artistic mediums is also encouraged.

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