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The 20's are back again next year - did they all know back then what was really in store? Do we?

2020 is upon us and I can't help wonder if we will see some kind of renaissance of the 1920's? Are we once again actually spending our lives in the throws of a non stop decadent party unaware that the world is descending into something darker and more complex. Certainly Club Soda is aiming to recreate that feeling with both our theatre show and concept night with a live band. But it might not be exactly what you imagine as this is no banal Gatsby night ; we explore a journey from the 1920's to the 1950's all infused with concepts of love, loss, dreams and all things surreal and beautiful. Club Soda is a full theatrical story with our brilliant and lovely artists, some of whom have been with us for years. Thrilled to be working once again with some of Australia's most established and progressive Arts Centre's including The Red Earth Arts Precinct all the way at the top of WA, Darwin Entertainment Centre, The Wedge in Sale and Dubbo Convention Centre who are utilising our concept night and bringing in a local band. Paris Underground is now one of the most successful touring cabaret shows in Australia and although taking a back seat we are off for a whole week of shows with The City of Playford Adelaide in June. Lucky for us we will be very close to the Barossa for a fine day off after the shows. Lost In Venice is slowly developing and will debut at The Potato Shed in Drysdale along with a special screening of extra super 8 footage with a wine and cheese night after the show! So looking forward to this one as it's a our most creative and rewarding production. Finally No Smoke No Mirrors is also taking off at The Potato Shed with a tour planned for WA. It seems like we might be missing out on QLD next year but you never know ...

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